Gigi Hadid stars in Reebok's spring 2017 campaign

Gigi Hadid stars in Reebok’s spring 2017 campaign

After being announced as the face of Reebok last year, Gigi Hadid is back in the athletic brand’s spring 2017 campaign. The American beauty poses in a backstage setting, showing off a playful attitude in a sweatshirt and sneakers. Photographed by Monica May, Gigi models the Iconic Crew Sweatshirt and Club C85 Diamond Sneaker. The 21-year-old shows off her silly side by singing into a hairbrush in one shot. And in another, she writes the Reebok slogan #PerfectNever in lipstick on a mirror.


Model Gigi Hadid poses in Reebok's spring 2017 advertising campaignModel Gigi Hadid poses in Reebok’s spring 2017 advertising campaignSinging into a hairbrush, Gigi Hadid shows off her playful side for ReebokSinging into a hairbrush, Gigi Hadid shows off her playful side for ReebokGigi Hadid sports Reebok Iconic Crew SweatshirtGigi Hadid sports Reebok Iconic Crew SweatshirtPosing in a backstage dressing room, Gigi Hadid stars in Reebok’s spring 2017 campaignPosing in a backstage dressing room, Gigi Hadid stars in Reebok’s spring 2017 campaignFlashing a smile, Gigi Hadid poses in Reebok’s spring 2017 campaignFlashing a smile, Gigi Hadid poses in Reebok’s spring 2017 campaignWriting in a mirror, Gigi Hadid writes Reebok's #PerfectNever sloganWriting in a mirror, Gigi Hadid writes Reebok’s #PerfectNever slogan
Reebok Club C85 Diamond Sneaker in Black $79.99Reebok Club C85 Diamond Sneaker in Black $79.99
Reebok brings a feminine flair to a classic style with a hint of sparkle at the heel.

Reebok Club C85 Diamond Sneaker in Black $79.99Reebok Club C85 Diamond Sneaker in Black $79.99
Inspired by the original 1985 sneaker, Reebok updates a classic with this casual footwear style.Reebok Iconic Crew Sweatshirt $50.00Reebok Iconic Crew Sweatshirt $50.00
Layer up in style with this pullover sweatshirt. This look is perfect to wear after a workout or with jeans.

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Valentino Garavani Lock Bag is the house’s emblematic icon so no wonder people are enamored and drawn to it and each year Valentino is releasing a different and unique version. This version right here is something you might want to consider owning. This is the Valentino Garavani Lock Bag with beautiful little flowers and looks very sophisticatedly feminine!

Beautifully crafted in red leather and richly adorned and embellished with laser-cut flower appliques for a fresh and feminine touch, this bag is perfect to bring on romantic dinner dates as it adds personality to your overall ensemble.

For an added fashionable spin, the gold-tone metal rockstuds in the middle are still there, reminding everyone that it is yet another gorgeous Valentino Garavani Lock Bag.

Now let’s go on to the bag details, shall we? This bag features multi-functionality thanks to its detachable light gold-tone chain shoulder strap, which allows you to carry it cross-body, over the shoulders, or by the hands. It also features eyelets connecting to the lady-like chain on the top. Lastly, it has a logo-engraved push-lock fastening for an added sense of security.

Measuring 4.5’ x 6.5’ x 2’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $1800 USD en €1900 euro via Valentino boutiques.

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Baselworld 2017: Rolex introduces 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller with a Cyclops Lens

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Introduced in 1967, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller has been one of the most iconic timepieces of the brand. On its 50th anniversary, Rolex is celebrating the momentous occasion by unveiling the latest generation of its Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller. The updated Sea-Dweller comes with a larger, 43 mm case and Rolex’s new calibre 3235 movement, as well as a Cyclops lens on the crystal at 3 o’clock to enhance the reading of the date. Equipped with a patented black Cerachrom bezel insert in a virtually scratch-proof and UV-protected ceramic case, the black dial features “Sea-Dweller” in red, a reference to the first model.

Legendary among professional divers, the new Sea-Dweller is waterproof to a depth of 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) and is finished with a solid-link Oyster bracelet in 904L steel. Revealed at the recently concluded Baselworld 2017, the timepiece is priced at $11,350.

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If you feel like there is a magnet pulling you toward the picture above, it’s not your fault. Blame it on Nicolas Ghesquiere for releasing this marvelous bag.

Meet the Louis Vuitton One Handle Bag. Well, the name already revealed the secret right? It has one handle, but it does come with a leather strap that can be removed or adjusted. So either carry it by hand or sling it cross body or on your shoulder. Given its size, both ways are practical.

The One Handle Bag is designed with a modern and lady-like look, refined with a sophisticated twist. It’s mixed with Smooth and Grained Epi Leather in a new folded shape. To be exact, the top flap is made in smooth leather while the bottom part is crafted in epi leather, which creates a beautiful and interesting appeal.

Many detailing are inspired by the historic trunkmaker like the signature D Tuck Lock Closure, Eyelets Brackets on the front-bottom, Name Tag D, so it’s a combination of modern and classic look.

Especially the D Tuck Lock Closure in golden hardware is impressive and mesmerizing. It’s the centerpiece that finalizes the bag. Measuring 8.3’ x 5.5’ x 3.1’ (L x H x W) inches, priced at $2400 USD, €1780 euro, £1660 GBP, $19100 HKD, $3150 AUD, ¥284040 JPY, via Louis Vuitton boutiques.


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If we take a moment to flash back and see what Celine has done in the past years, we’re thinking about these bags; the Tie Bag, Belt Bag, Ring Bag or the Trotteur Bag. They’re stunning, but none of them can match the fame of the Luggage Bag, or the Trapeze Bag. But all of that can change in the future. Celine has introduced new handbags during the Spring Summer 2017 Runway and they look very promising.





It’s the ultimate minimalistic bag, just how Celine likes it. Designed in single colors, but there are different shades for different taste. Feminine and casual, these bags are perfect for work as they match very well with chic clothes or suits. For the finishing touch, attach a small pouch around the handles, so that you will an extra pocket for instant essentials.




So the Spring Summer 2017 Collection is either about professional bags or oversized bags. And when we say ‘oversized’, we literally mean XXL beyond your imagination. Take a look at this extremely-long tote bag. It’s gorgeously crafted with more spacious than you ever need, take it for shopping. We also love the golden rope crafted around the hip of the bag. So what are your thoughts? A good investment or not?
































As a whole, the Celine spring/summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection was extremely variegated and sophisticated, even when displaying outerwear-inspired staples. Like Gvasalia’s Balenciaga spring 2017 collection, Philo’s Celine lineup for the spring/summer 2017 season strongly focused on cozier figures, with textures, lines and cuts that will come in handy especially during spring’s weather unpredictability.

Phoebe Philo played with different materials too, with a sleek leather fabric and silky materials dominating the scene. Most of the blazers, sweatshirts and trench coats also looked warmer than what we would usually consider as a summer-read staple, which will make many of you sad that the collection was not a see-now-buy-now one.

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Although some staples were heavyweight looking, the overall impression was that of an extremely relaxed lineup, both in lines and perceptions. Draped and wrapped dresses ethereally got alternated with inversed peplum skirts, with airy capes and voluminous sleeves completing the lineup. Slightly sheer fabrics surely helped the collection get its most voluminous, flowly take, as seen, for example, in the drop-waist shirtdresses, and billowy cropped pants.

Aside from the bright whites, which are one of Philo’s recurring shades, the Celine spring 2017 collection included soft yellows, mint greens and reds, with also pops of delicate pink and orange revamping the scene. The collection’s protagonist was, however, a specific shade of blue, renamed International Klein Blue after French artist Yves Klein.

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Philo, who loves mixing art with fashion, took one of Nouveau Realisme’s leading artists as one of her collection’s main sources of inspiration, as his signature blue paint strokes got revisited to evoke and represent female silhouettes. Phoebe Philo then also dipped some of her white frocks into Yves Klein’s iconic blue hue, adding a sort of street style allure to the entire collection.

Yves Klein was not, however, the only artist whose works inspired Philo’s Celine spring 2017 collection. To reinforce the runway show’s cosmopolitan attitude, Philo asked artist Dan Graham to showcase one of his most standout works, namely an S-shaped structure that was placed in the middle of the runway.

“Social interaction, fantasy and life in general are the main driving forces in my work,” explained Celine’s creative director. “Dan Graham’s installation is therefore an interesting and powerful way for me to present my collection to the audience.”

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

As mentioned above, Philo’s Celine spring/summer 2017 collection was heavily urban-chic, as demonstrated by the runway show’s soundtrack as well, namely the noises of the city traffic. Such a soundtrack went hand in hand especially with the layered, street wear-inspired outfits, which she often completed with pairs of sporty-chic Adidas Stan Smith.

The accessory line couldn’t, of course, be any less imposing than the clothing line. Pointy-toe flats and ankle boots, often unpaired, got alternated with fancy sneakers and whimsical hybrids between a flip-flop and a boot, which unapologetically reminded us of Philo’s elegant nonconformism.

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

Celine Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection - Paris Fashion Week

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Disney to Designer Looks: Zootopia (2016)


Official Promotional Image

Official Promotional Image

On the outside, Zootopia is a cutesy buddy-cop film centered around a fictional mammal metropolis. But, if Zootopia teaches its audience anything within the one hour and forty eight minutes time frame of the movie, it's this: never judge a book (or, in this case, a bunny) by its cover.

After all, at its core, Disney's 2016 summer hit Zootopia is about encounteringracial stereotyping and discrimination in the workplace. More than that, it's a refreshing, modern-day critique on our society that's equally allegorical and fast-paced.

So, it's definitely not what you would expect for an animated film featuring anthropomorphic animals and amusing narrative devices.

Still, the charm of Zootopia is in its simple storytelling, or the ability to captivate its audience, both young and old, with hard core truth; funny, tongue-in-cheek quips ("Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true. So let it go.”); and brilliant, dynamic characters.

If you haven't seen this off-the-charts adorable film yet, I highly recommend it! You won't be disappointed. In the meantime, keep reading for three simple College Fashion looks inspired by Zootopia's anthropomorphic cast (some light spoilers ahead).

Judy Hopps

Credit: ScreenshotCredit: Screenshot

Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, is the protagonist of the whole shebang, and the good cop to our buddy-cop film. Raised up in the rural country of Bunnyburrow, she's expected to continue on the family legacy and stick to doing what rabbits do best: farm (and probably also breed, as evidenced by her 275 siblings). 

There's just one problem: Judy wants to be a police officer, not a farmer. So, in typical Disney fashion, she pursues her dream with admirable optimism, along with the hard work to back it all up. Despite being the first bunny cop ever, Judy's put to the test throughout the entirety of the movie, and she fights to keep her place as someone to be respected and not merely thought of as "cute."


Products: Shirt, Jeans, Hat, Boots

Because it's easier to replicate Judy Hopps' farmer look than her meter maid or police officer uniform on a daily basis (unless you happen to be a cop or it's Halloween), stick to the above outfit for inspiration. All you need is a plaid, button-down shirt, slim-fitting jeans, and a floppy straw hat. While you can't see Judy's shoes, we assume they're brown cowboy boots—though hardened sneakers would probably work just as well.

Nick Wilde

Credit: ScreenshotCredit: Screenshot

Nick Wilde, a sardonic red fox voiced by Jason Bateman, is the reluctant buddy to Judy Hopps' cop adventures. As the natural, "untrustworthy" predator to bunnies and other small mammals, Nick's also the victim of constant discrimination and verbal abuse; as such, we meet him as a cynical adult who goes through life as a con artist.

Throughout the film, Judy comes to accept Nick as someone who's good-natured on the inside and a real friend. Though he's a little rough around the edges, Nick is a genuine helper to Judy, and even becomes a cop himself at the end of the film!


Products: Blouse, Shorts, Sandal, Sunglasses, Headwrap

It goes without saying that I took a much more liberal take on Nick's outfit than the rest of the Zootopia cast, and that's because it's geared to look stylish and accessible for a female college crowd. So, tuck in a yellow blouse under beige shorts, slip on a floral headwrap, and tie on some blue thong sandals. Also, don't forget the shades—Nick would totally approve.


Credit: ScreenshotCredit: Screenshot

Gazelle, played by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, is the Shakira of Zootopia's metropolitan setting. She's a well-known popstar and social activist, advocating for equality and harmony within the city through her songs and peaceful protests. If you have a spare three minutes, definitely listen to Shakira/Gazelle's song "Try Anything" from the movie soundtrack: it's really uplifting and catchy!

Outfit inspired by Gazelle from Zootopia

Products: Crop Top, Skirt, Leg Warmers, Shoes, Earring

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