The Row Carry All Tote:Marni Contrast Tote Bag

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If this tote were a cocktail, it would be a perfectly balanced martini, stirred and not shaken. One that goes down nice and smooth. It would also be one overpriced drink. Those damn Olsens! They’re so good at what they’re doing these days, I almost forget to scoff at the price tags of their bags.
The Row’s super-slick leather tote might look square at first glance, but it’s actually a super-great, functional bag. The top remains flat upon closing it up, thanks to two slim flaps that overlap and clasp together, all neat and tidy. But you don’t have to work for it; the flaps have magnets built in, so you don’t have to strategically match them up. Structured and rigid from some angles, its hardness is countered by rounded edges. The result? A subtle sense of uniqueness, courtesy of a carryall that’s as easy on your eyes as it is on your hands. The Row Carry All Tote

My new perfect bag: done and done, with no hesitation required. When Marni nails it, you can bet I jump all over it. And this fierce yet neutral tote has everything I’m looking for this fall. It combines all the contrasting elements that make a practical bag desirable, sans compromise. With a flash of gold metal posing as frame-top closure, it’s got the ladylike feel of a treasure yet enough spunk for a sense of youthful living. Want the beauty of a nude shoulder bag, but can’t deal with watching it get dirty? A black lambskin body juxtaposed against creamy beige gussets, folded naturally and effortlessly, solves that problem. And finally, single slim strap, free of hefty hardware, ensures this will be lightweight as you carry it around all day (I know I can’t wait to). Cosmopolitan snobs, take note: this is a quintessential city girl’s bag, confident and in charge. Be ready to be the same.

Marni Contrast Tote Bag

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Zac Posen fall 2016. Photo: ImaxtreeZac Posen fall 2016. Photo: Imaxtree

Season after season, despite criticism and calls to action by prominent people in the industry, fashion's racial diversity problem continues. This problem is everywhere — ad campaigns, magazine covers, magazine mastheads — but is perhaps most visible during fashion month, when we spend our days watching hundreds of runway shows in which the models of color are way too few and far between. Last season, racial diversity on runways improved only marginally — models of color accounted for less than a quarter of castings — leading us to ask, yet again, "Why don't these designers know better? Why aren't they doing more?"

Well, thanks to the CFDA and the Diversity Coalition, which is led by former model Bethann Hardison, New York designers at least know what they need to do. Ahead of New York Fashion Week every season, the CFDA sends its members a health initiative letter as a reminder to watch out for models' well-being. And now for the first time that we're aware, the U.S. fashion industry's governing body also included diversity guidelines encouraging them to go out of their way to cast models of color in their shows, including a list of unambiguous instructions on how to do so, which you can read in full below. According to WWD, Hardison wrote these guidelines "four or five" years ago, which shows how little progress has been made.

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Ashley Graham on ELLE Canada October 2016 CoverAshley Graham on ELLE Canada October 2016 Cover

Curvy model Ashley Graham shines on the October 2016 cover of ELLE Canada. Photographed by Max Abadian, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model wears asequin embroidered dress with a camel coat and H&M Studio hat. Inside the magazine, Ashley shows off her Addition Elle lingerie collaboration amongst the designs of Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein Collection and more. StylistJuliana Schiavinatto selects a mix of wool coats, strappy sandals and dresses for the feature.

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In her interview, Ashley talks about how she gained her body confidence. “When I was growing up, my mom always told me that I was smart even though I was called dumb in school because I have dyslexia. I was also a big girl who played sports and ate well, and she would tell me ‘You’re fit and healthy.’ I was super-insecure at the time, but it helped to hear her words. Then I moved to New York [to model] and gained a ton of weight because I wasn’t working out or eating right. I hated the woman I had become because I didn’t feel right in my own skin. I was a size 18 and I was looking for affirmation and attention in all the wrong areas. I had agents telling me I had to lose weight, and I was like, ‘Why am I allowing people to dictate my future?’””


Ashley Graham wears Vivienne Westwood wool coat and velvet and mesh bodysuitAshley Graham wears Vivienne Westwood wool coat and velvet and mesh bodysuitModel Ashley Graham flaunts her curves in spandex dress from JLUXLABEL with Ashley Graham Collection for Addition Elle bra and panties with H&M wool hatModel Ashley Graham flaunts her curves in spandex dress from JLUXLABEL with Ashley GrahamCollection for Addition Elle bra and panties with H&M wool hatAshley Graham wears H&M Studio Collection cotton shirt and wool bustier with Ashley Graham for Addition Elle braAshley Graham wears H&M Studio Collection cotton shirt and wool bustier with Ashley Graham forAddition Elle braAshey Graham layers up in coat and denim shirtAshey Graham layers up in coat and denim shirtModel Ashley Graham poses in Calvin Klein Collection wool coat, bodysuit by Ashley Graham for Addition Elle and Rosamosario slip with Jimmy Choo heelsModel Ashley Graham poses in Calvin Klein Collection wool coat, bodysuit by Ashley Graham for Addition Elle and Rosamosario slip with Jimmy Choo heels

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Anthony Vaccarello Ends Eponymous Brand to Focus on Saint Laurent


Appointed as Saint Laurent’s new creative director in April, Anthony Vaccarello has just confirmed he is ending his eponymous brand to better focus on the French Maison’s seasonal creations and runaway shows.

Anthony Vaccarello Ends Eponymous Brand to Focus on Saint Laurent

Rumors that he was going to put his 8-year-old eponymous label on hold (starting from this October) began spreading around as soon as the Belgian designer replaced beloved Hedi Slimane as the Maison’s creative director. Quickly it became a reality when Vaccarello himself declared they were not only rumors, but rather a fact.

Now, with roughly more than four weeks separating us from his first-ever debut runway show with Saint Laurent at the Parisian Fashion Week, Anthony Vaccarello’s decision to put his namesake label on hold took a different path, with the designer actually ending it for good.

“This adventure has been amazing but I now feel the need to fully focus on this new project,” explained Vaccarello in an official statement, thanking also “everyone who supported his brand since its launch in 2008 and made it so successful.”

Although knowing one’s limits and being willing to concentrate on one project is as humble as it sounds, many are already showing signs of dissatisfaction.

Famous for his second-skin sensual designs for Versus Versace (he has always been one of Donatella Versace’s favorite designers), Anthony Vaccarello’s sultriest and more glam-rock creations always amazed those who assiduously followed his eponymous line’s seasonal shows. Many were actually looking forward to seeing how he had planned to artistically separate such different lines in terms of styles, designs and motifs.

Filling in the big shoes Hedi Slimane left is, however, an extremely hard task to complete, and Anthony Vaccarello knows it. Even harder is trying to create something new out of one of the fashion industry’s most visionary, innovative and cosmopolitan legacies. Saint Laurent Paris (when working as the Maison’s creative director, Slimane dropped the “Yves”) requires dedication and creativity, and we know Vaccarello is a glutton for punishment when it comes to fashion.

He was also specifically chosen for this position due to his balanced aesthetics and at times even masculine motifs (the latter were dear to Yves Saint Laurent himself too), so we understand he may prefer to put all of his energy into one (big) label in order not to disappoint any expectation.

“Anthony Vaccarello impeccably balances elements of provocative femininity and sharp masculinity in his silhouettes. He is the natural choice to express the essence of Yves Saint Laurent,” declared Yves Saint Laurent’s CEO Francesca Bellettini back in April.

Anthony Vaccarello’s first collection for Saint Laurent is going to be presented on the first day of Paris Fashion Week, Tuesday, September 27th. As for what appears to be Anthony Vaccarello’s last creations for his eponymous label, all of the Vaccarello’s FW 2016-17 collection’s pieces are already available in selected stores, as well as online at Forward,Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion and Luisa Via Roma.

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Uniqlo U fall 2016 campaign imagery. Photo: Uniqlo

Uniqlo U fall 2016 campaign imagery. Photo: Uniqlo

Following the success of his collaborations with Uniqlo last falland spring, Christophe Lemaire was hired by the global brand as its official artistic director earlier this summer. With the new role, Lemaire now leads a research and development center in Paris to create an entirely new line called Uniqlo U. His debut collection for fall was just unveiled and is set to hit stores and online on Friday, Oct. 14.

Uniqlo U fall 2016 campaign imagery. Photo: Uniqlo

Uniqlo U fall 2016 campaign imagery. Photo: Uniqlo

Though Uniqlo U follows the retailer's philosophy behind its LifeWear line of high-quality and comfortable basics, the new collection aims to be more elevated and innovative  —whether its through fabric choice, silhouettes or details. 

For women, Lemaire has designed 50 different pieces, including outerwear, sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses and pants. (The men's range features 34 items.) From those offerings, standouts include Uniqlo U's knitwear — lambswool crewneck sweaters and cashmere turtlenecks, for instance — and outerwear, such as puffer jackets and military-style coats. The entire collection, which is priced between $14.90 and $179.90, is available in a variety of colors, like muted tones of white, black, deep red, dark blue, brown and olive green. 

If you've been holding out on your fall wardrobe shopping, we suggest you sit tight until this collection arrives in October. Click through the gallery below to see Uniqlo U's campaign images, as well as the entire women's collection and pricing for fall 2016.

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5 mind blowing facts about Louis Vuitton

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There’s a lot we know and love about Louis Vuitton! They make excellent luggage and handbags, they’ve just launched a series of perfumes, and they even recently changed their packaging. But there’s still a lot to be learned about this luxury goods giant. We’ve rounded up some surprising facts that even the most committed LV fans might never have come across before, from beautiful store spaces to a brand value that’s unsurpassed by any competitors and from the power of the luxury conglomerate to some unexpected products, we’re taking you inside the world of LV like never before. In fact, though this brand always takes pride in its heritage, it may even have a skeleton or two in its spacious closet! We’ve talked about some interesting Louis Vuitton factsbefore here on LuxuryLaunches and you can consider this the much awaited sequel to our story. Some of these facts will surprise even longtime LV devotees!

Its brand value surpasses Gucci, Hermes and a lot more 
Louis Vuitton placed 19th on Forbes’ 2016 ranking of most valuable brands. It is the only luxury fashion brand to make it to the top thirty (Nike was the closest possible competitor at Number 18 while Gucci lagged at 44) and is followed by Mercedes Benz. The Louis Vuitton brand is worth an astonishing $27.3 billion which is more than Hermes ($11.7 billion) and Gucci ($12 billion) combined! Even the fast fashion brands H&M ($15.9 billion) and Zara ($10.7 billion) couldn’t measure up to Louis Vuitton’s awesome lead. We knew that monogram was powerful, but even we didn’t even anticipate a value of several billion dollars!

Their parent company literally controls the luxury market 
Louis Vuitton is part of the LVHM conglomerate which owns almost all the major luxury brands seen in the market today. Subsidiaries of LVHM include Fendi, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci even Dior and Celine. Among watches and jewelry, the conglomerate owns Hublot, Tag Heuer, Zenith and Bulgari. Dom Pérignon, Domaine Chandon California, Hennessy, Glenmorangie, Krug, Mercier and Moët & Chandon are some of the wine and spirits companies that are owned by LVHM. This conglomerate which is managed by Bernard Arnault is sometimes thought to have a monopoly over the luxury good sector. Imagine you’re wearing Fendi shoes and a Pucci dress, your makeup is from Sephora and you’re sporting jewelry from Bulgari as you sip Moët from a fluted glass. Suddenly you’re in head to toe LVHM without even realising it! Given these facts Arnault could easily be one of the most powerful men in the industry since every move he makes on behalf of the conglomerate could have incredibly far reaching consequences.

Advertisement_for_Louis_Vuitton_July_1898 (1)
Louis Vuitton’s grandson Henri was allegedly a Nazi supporter!
In 2004, a book called Louis Vuitton, A French Saga exposed ties between the Vuitton family and the German Nazis. Author Stephanie Bonvicini reveals that she stumbled across the information when she was researching story of Louis Vuitton for a story on the brand’s 150th anniversary. When she approached the brand for information about its wartime activities, they clammed up and claimed that documents from 1930 to 1945 had been destroyed in a fire. However, historical archives revealed that Louis Vuitton’s store at the Hotel du Parc, in Vichy where Pétain set up his puppet government, was the only store allowed to operate while others were shut down. The author even states that Henry Vuitton, great-grandson of the firm’s founder Louis, apparently set up a factory making artifacts to glorify Petain including busts of him. A spokesperson for the company responded with the following statement, “We don’t deny the facts. But regrettably the author has exaggerated the Vichy episode.”

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear
Louis Vuitton’s cuddliest creation is a $9,000 limited edition teddy bear 
Louis Vuitton only created one teddy bear design on their 150th anniversary that was completely designed, developed and manufactured by their own company. 500 pieces of the monogrammed bear – christened DouDou– were created and each one retailed for a staggering $9000. One of them was even sold at a Christie’s auction in Monaco for a whopping $182,000! Everytime a treasure like this hits the market, Louis Vuitton collectors are front and center trying to snag a piece of the action. And the auctioned off bear is an indication of the demand for limited edition products from luxury goods companies, especially considering it sold for many times the original price. Smart collectors know exactly when to buy and when to sell to make the most profit!

Louis Vuitton’s Singapore Maison has an underwater access tunnel, bookstore and a relaxation deck
Located in a multi-storey building that acts as an island and connected by tunnels to Marina Bay Sands is Louis Vuitton’s Singapore maison. The space was originally intended to be a gallery, but it caught the fancy of Bernard Arnault and after a series of long and complex negotiations, LVHM secured the space for Louis Vuitton. The store opened last September and has already established itself as a Marina Bay Sands landmark. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the space is part of the Marina Bay Sands resort, but the nautical interiors by Peter Marino give the store a distinctly Louis Vuitton feel. The timber used in shipbuilding as well as the stone of harbors can be found here. The space has been designed to encourage visitors to look outside the building and enjoy the view but the fantastic display of Louis Vuitton products might steal all your attention. This store retails all the usual LV clothing and accessories that fans love, but as an added bonus this space boasts a dedicated watch room where you can peruse the brand’s timepieces to your heart’s content. Believe it or not, there’s even a deck where you can sit back and relax as you soak up the fabulous views and atmosphere.

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