10 Facts About Sex and the City That Will Blow Every Fashion Girl's Mind


You think you know every Sex and the City episode like the back of your hand, but when it comes to the little style notes, you're out of the loop. So much goes into nailing every shot and creating the perfect look — just ask costume designer Patricia Field, who made sure no outfit was repeated throughout the entire series! Except for that one . . .

Now, we know you're itching to find out more about the show you rerun every weekend. Read on for 10 crazy-cool tidbits about all things fashion — from the Sex and the City film, too! When you're finished studying up, we promise you'll feel just as in-the-know as Carrie Bradshaw herself.

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Princess Iman of Jordan Is a Mini Royal Style Star You Just Can't Miss


Princess Iman Abdullah is only just starting to embrace the spotlight. The 19-year-old Jordanian princess and daughter of the always-stylish Queen Rania has been attending events with her family from a young age, but now that she's developed a taste for fashion — bold prints, caged heels, and embellished evening gowns not to be missed — we expect she'll start giving her mama a run for her money. Queen Rania has made a flash with her standout designer pieces, including a fringed Balmain skirt and cherry-red Louis Vuitton bag, but Princess Iman has staples in her closet that'll make you look twice. Read on to see them all, and keep your eyes peeled for Iman's next outing. From her impressive athletic achievements to her schooling at Georgetown University, this mini royal's got a bright future and looks that fit the bill.

Iman's Got Caged Sandals to Coordinate With a Graphic-Print Dress

Princess Iman's Power Color Is a Romantic Red

She Played Up This Embellished Blue Gown With Classic Pumps

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Isadora’s Cushion Foundation, Mascara and Duo Brows- Review


isadora cushion foundation isadora grand mascara

Today, I would like to share with you my experience using 3 new products by Isadora.

Life for most of us is going very fast… I mean with so many errands to run everyday and to look and feel good at every meet up, outing, party etc……. It gets difficult to look perfect always…

I feel the most time consuming is foundation application……

The trend now, is using compact foundation  and it definitely saves application time.

Few well know brands have recently come up with one, but I had a great experience trying  the Isadora Nude Cushion Foundation.


It would take less than a minute to apply and would give 100% coverage  I love the texture and feel of the foundation and the best part is, it blends instantly on the skin. I can carry it around with me to do touch-up any time of the day.


Isadora’s cushion foundation gave me a clean spot-free skin, without any patches… Infact it is so light on the skin, that you’ll feel like there is no make up at all.. its perfectly natural and yea it includes Vitis Vita, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E which is safe for all skin types.


The Isadora Nude Cushion Foundation is  refillable. You can refill the Cushion Compact with IsaDora Nude Fluid Foundation, which has the same formula. Re-fill by dropping Nude Fluid Foundation into the cushion compact!

The next product is the Issdora’s Grand Volume Lash Styler Mascara


This is one amazing mascara, check out the brush shape. Its a 2-sided brush with firmer bristles which helps to separate the lashes and define them  :)


It helps to cover the lash from root to tip giving extra fullness and volume. The texture is creamy and the shade number is 40 Black.


Along with the mascara, I also tried the Perfect Brows Duo Compact Powder by Isadora.


This is a duo powder with 2 natural shades. The matte textured powder blends very well and gives a fuller and perfect brow shape.


Also the best part is, we can use the brow compact wet and dry.

Wet to get a intense look and dry for a fine look.

We can use single shade at a time or mix the 2 to get a perfect brow shade and style.

Isadora products are available at Paris Gallery, worth a try!

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10 Trends to Master This Fall


For seasons now, we've seen the ruwnay deliever a riff on the off-the-shoulder neckline. For Fall, the cut is asymmetrical, revealing just one side for subtle sex appeal.

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Versace Fine Jewellery: Virya and Vedana Collections


Power, femininity and strength are the new essentials of the Versace Fine Jewellery collection.

A collection that redefines the jewellery codes and interprets Versace’s quest for innovation, individuality and elegance.

Virya (3)

The Virya line – with its precious stones and sharp geometry, is wisely crafted by a unique setting technique that let the light and the colours play and reflect on the mirror facets of the gold. The iconic Greek key set like an interchanged signature in gold.

Virya (5)

Necklaces, rings and earrings embellished with rare gemstones like blackonyx, amethyst and honey citrine.

Virya (10)

The Vedana collection, made of earrings and rings, is enriched by an original spherical shape of the precious stones in nine different sizes, never used before in jewellery.

Vedana (1)Vedana (6)

This innovative stone-cutting revolutionizes the rings fit conferring a brand new sensation on the skin. The mirror polished gold plays with the light, conveying a vibrant life to the stones.

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For all Hermes lovers out there, you might very well know that the Cherche Midi is not a new bag as it was released not long ago. They dropped a shoulder bag version and now, Hermes is dropping bombs once again and the Midi Clutch version is smoking hot as it sports a brand new design.

With its lovely shape, this Hermes Cherche Midi clutch is perfection at its finest. Made from Epsom calfskin with palladium-plated silver Chaine d’Ancre link clasp covered in leather with invisible mechanism, this one is a definite must-have in your everyday ensembles.

Meant to be hand carried to show off to the crowd, this Hermes clutch is definitely a show stopper. It has two flat pockets on the inside of the back and front.

The Hermes Cherce Midi 22 Clutch measures 13.5 x 22 (H x L) cm



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