Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag Collection

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Balenciaga Triangle Medium Duffle Bag Collection Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag Collection

Balenciaga Triangle Duffle bag this unique form of one-of-a-kind and wonderful and the silhouette. You might think that a synonym for sports Duffle Bag bags, which are typically cylindrical in shape but there are generally more than what we know. Balenciaga Triangle Duffle bag is all about multi function with a handle over the rolled up for easy hand carry. It also has a detachable shoulder strap, adjustable for shoulder or entire body brings. It also boasts a zip-around closure for a more complete access. Lastly, the Balenciaga Triangle Duffle bag has an embossed logo placed at the bottom for brand recognition.

Balenciaga Triangle Small Duffle Bag Collection Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag CollectionBalenciaga Triangle Small Duffle Bag Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag CollectionBalenciaga Triangle Medium Duffle Bag Balenciaga Triangle Duffle Bag Collection

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Balenciaga Metal Plate City Chain Wallet Bag Reference Guide

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Another addition to the Balenciaga Metal Plate line, is the chic City Chain Wallet Bag. The City Chain Wallet is made of calf leather and features a detachable chain strap. The metal plate and chain is available in gold and silver. The interior lining is made of fabric and includes a front slot pocket, a zipped coin compartment, two bill slot pockets and twelve card slots. It has a flap top with magnetic closure and also has an exterior zipped pocket. This bag is perfect to use from day to night or even during special occasions as it can also be carried as a clutch.

Style, Price & Size



Balenciaga Metal Plate City Chain Wallet Bag
5.5″ H x 8.5″ W x 1″ D


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Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2016 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2016 Bag Collection. The Lace Shopper and Bow Bracelet Bags that were first seen during the runway show are now available for purchase. Also included in the collection are different styles of cabas and leather bags such as the Navy Cabas Bags in striped and marble pattern. Balenciaga introduces the Belharra bags in backpack and City, which features the “Balenciaga Paris” logo, boldly printed on the canvas bags. New styles for the Classic City Bags includes the Highlight, Metal Plate and Metallic Edge Iridescent.



Balenciaga Lace Shopper Bag $815.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Bow Bracelet Pouch Bag $2,220.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Navy Striped Cabas M Bag $1,095.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Striped Cabas S Bag $1,045.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Striped Canvas Backpack Bag $1,110.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Striped Canvas Pochette S Bag $775.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Striped Clip Small Clutch Bag $370.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Pochette S Bag $745.00 (USD)















Balenciaga Marble Navy Cabas M Bag $965.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Cabas M Bag $965.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Cabas S Bag $885.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Backpack Bag $1,195.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Navy Bucket Bag $1,055.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Traveller Belharra Backpack Bag $1,460.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Belharra Mini City Bag $1,085.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Highlight City Bag $2,095.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Metal Plate City Bag $2,195.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Metal Plate Mini City Bag $2,195.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Iridescent Mini City Bag $1,545.00 (USD)
Balenciaga City Plate Portfolio Small Bag $1,895.00 (USD)
Balenciaga City Plate Portfolio Medium Bag $2,295.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Metallic Edge C5 Papier Shoulder Bag $990.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Metallic Edge Flat Zip Pouch Bag $745.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Paper Zip-Around Belt Bag $895.00 (USD)

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Balenciaga Metal Plate

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Balenciaga has decided to reinvent their Classic Motorcycle line by adorning their bags with shiny palladium plates on the front.  Instead of their traditional lambskin leather, these bags are made of (hopefully more durable) shiny calfskin. They have an interesting contrast of smooth golden toned studs against the silver toned plates. So far they have the Classic Metal Plate City and Mini City available for purchase.  

I find it very interesting how they like to change up the hardware styles now.  Mixing metal colors on a handbag is something very novel to me. What will they think of next?
Rose Petale City
Noir City

Noir Mini City

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How to Spot a Fake Balenciaga Handbag

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I am sure that you adore Balenciaga bags and that you would love to include one to your collection, but the tircky thing when it comes to buy one is to distinguish the really bad Balenciaga fake purses from the real thing. This guide will help you understand the main differences and it will ensure the satisfaction of your purchase.

Balenciaga bags

Look closer at the Zippers.

I know that you very often ignore this very small part of a handbag, but believe me it is one of the most important details of a purse. It can make the difference between an authentic product and aBalenciaga replica bag. The original company uses only zippers manufactured by Lampo. Fake handbags most often have the zippers marked with the word LAMPO instead of Lamp written in a slanted or italic font. This is a clear sign that the purse is fake. Plus, the “L” letter from “Lampo” needs to be extended under the other letter until the end of the word. The trademark symbol must also be present next to the word “Lampo”.

Examine the Leather.

The quality of the leather is the most obvious part of a bag, the part that clearly shows you if the product is genuine of it is just another poor quality Balenciaga replica bag. The original purses are made from goatskin or lambskin leather. This type of material is very soft, smooth and light. And the fascination of the Balenciaga goes on- it shines, but not too much. It is durable, but delicate. It is distressed, but not exaggeratedly cracked out. Also, the tassels are made from the same type of leather as the rest of the bag.

The problem with Balenciaga replica bags is that these use leather that is overly shiny and too cracked out. The overall effect is a very unaesthetic one and anyone could tell this poor fake bag apart from the genuine Balenciaga.

Pay attention at the Straps.

The straps are another very important detail of a Balenciaga bag to which I think we don’t pay enough attention at. An authentic purse will never have the end of the straps folded over. Only a poor quality Balenciaga replica bag could have this type of handles. Plus, usually, fake Balenciaga bags tend to have a more squared off bale.

And don’t forget the Handles.

Dear fashionistas, do not forget to check out the handles. No real Balenciaga bag has handles with a coated or finished appearance. A good quality Balenciaga replica bag must have handles braided or weaved with leather. This is called “sueded leather”, and has a very rough and unfinished look. It is more similar to shoelaces or rope. Most times, fake manufacturer fail at correctly cloning this small detail.

No one wants to buy a tacky replica bag that is outrageously obvious. In order to avoid the unfortunate situation of wearing a fake Balenciaga bag that everyone can spot as a replica, pay attention to all the above guideline before buying a knockoff. These advices will surely help you choose a Balenciaga replica purse that looks authentic, elegant and chic.

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Do you want a more fashionable way of storing all of your hard-earned moolah in one place? Well then, the Balenciaga Le Dix Money Wallet is the one for you! You could think of this baby as one of Alexander Wang’s masterpieces, because since we all know that since he took over the reins as the luxury house’s creative director, we’ve been seeing some cool pieces from their end. (Side note: Recently it has been announced that he is going to quit and start focusing on his own brand ‘Alexander Wang’.) Getting pretty intense, alright.

You can think of the Le Dix Money Wallet as one of the important pieces from the label – and why not? It has a flap with snap closure, which secures all of your valuables. It has a two-tone closing clasp which is composed of palladium and brushed gold, giving off a beautiful shine. Inside, it even has a zipped coin pocket and card compartments, which is exactly what you need.

Measuring 7.4” x 3.9” x 1.2” inches (W x H x D), you can get your very own Le Dix Money Wallet for €445 EUR or £355 GBP, available via Balenciaga e-store.






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