Hermes Arrives at CityCenterDC

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This week the Washington Post took a page from the NYT Style Section and published a story on the opening of the new Hermes boutique on April 29 in the nation’s capital at CityCenterDC. CityCenterDC is where all the fashion action is these days, with LV, Dior and Carolina Herrera boutiques opening in the next year. So much for the fiscal crisis!

But you won’t see any technology in this new store. As the writer of the story puts it eloquently, “Hermes traffics in slow fashion in an impatient, buy-it-off-the-runway, want-it-now culture. Babies are conceived and born in less time than it takes for a dedicated customer to acquire a Birkin handbag…” PurseBop wholeheartedly agrees, in fact Maura, frequent contributor to the blog, could’ve written that and no one would’ve batted an eye!

Hermes stands alone in modern retail, capable of maintaining the reverence and awe of a legion of loyal shoppers, no matter the item, no matter the price point. Who else would be able to pull off selling a monthly mystery box for $250 and making money off of the scraps of their labor??? The mystery box contains a Petite h that takes leftover fabric and pieces with slight imperfections and turns them into unique items that sit outside of a fashion season. They are offered through an email blast and have become very popular and are an ideal way to keep consumers’ attention.


Hermes is a “contrarian company” because it doesn’t bother itself with Twitter and enhanced websites and keeping up with social media trends. That’s PurseBop’s job anyway!

“Hermes is in a special place all to itself. They have coveted their rarity and they had to do it with all the temptations that a brand faces. They didn’t know which way things were going to go (in the luxury market), but they knew who they were.”

PurseBop couldn’t agree more!

Hermes is redefining luxury in an era of frivolity and false connectivity.


I was able to score a little souvenier for myself to satisfy yet more of my #AnemoneCraving, all instigated by the addition of Miss Boptalk… (Part I &  Part II)

 I shall REVEAL my treasure soon over on BopTalk… any guesses?

IMG_1534 (1) - Version 2

Till then I leave you drooling over this diamond pave CDC 	<p class=Tags: Hermes

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Hermès Escale

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In the world of Hermès one would have no issue picking up beach blankets for over a thousand US dollars, or almost two thousand for beaded throw cushions that are almost all silk. Which brings us to the subject of today’s post, the Hermès Escale, which is in essence a 100% cotton canvas tote (or as Hermès calls it, a beach bag) that measures some 34 cm by 39 cm. Finished with a striped handle that also goes down and around the bag, it’s all well and good as far as beach bags go, bright and cheery, in a material that’s both easy to maintain and hardy as far as bags made of cotton canvas are.

The kicker? In the world of Hermès something like that will only set you back byUSD940. Because if you can afford beach blankets and beaded throw cushions that cost thousands of dollars, what’s another thousand or so, right?

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Hermes bags are highly coveted in the fashion world and a woman who owns one sure knows how to have class, sophistication and elegance all at once. The brand has instilled an idea of pure luxury with their bags and accessories so no wonder why the rich and famous couldn’t just get enough.

For those who are looking for the perfect luxurious shopping bag without sacrificing their sense of style, you’ll definitely fall in love with the Hermes Etrivière Shopping Bag. Sleek, simple yet polished, this new take on what a shopping bag should look like will certainly suit the busy and hectic lifestyle of a modern urbane woman. Whether you take it with you as you go grocery shopping with your kids or as you go shopping inside the mall, you’ll never go out of style.

This shopping tote from Hermes has the following features: ebony hunter calfskin handles, silver and palladium plated hardware, an adjustable strap to 17” that could be worn across the body and has 6.3” x 7” back pocket for easy access of your most essential needs. It also has an ideal measurement of 16” x 17” x 6” and retails for $1975 USD.




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Louis Vuitton started with luxury luggages, Chanel designed handbags that freed up hands and Hermes became famous selling saddlerly. It was not until 1900 that the company started offering handbags, which were specially designed for riders to carry saddles.

So every designer brand started differently, but each of them honors their history because it’s their iconic symbol, their identity.

Identity is everything, if it’s gone, then everything-authentic about the company will disappear. That’s how Louis Vuitton came up with the Petite Malle Bag (inspired by the Classic Luggage), that’s how Chanel came with the Classic Flap Bag (inspired by the Reissue 2.55 Bag) and how Hermes came up with series of handbags inspired by Saddles like the Hermes Oxer Bag and this Hermes Harnais Bag.

You see, it’s always a good thing to purchase a bag inspired by the house’s archives because you will be carrying a piece of its history.

The Hermes Harnais Bag is first seen on the Fall Winter 2015 Collection, it comes with a shoulder strap and a large compartment in the interior with two flat pockets. There are many variations of colors available and normal leathers like Swift, Epsom or exotic like Alligator.

Priced at €6100 euro.

So what do you think?




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Hermès Garden Party30

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I often get asked, if I’m new to Hermès and want to start small, what are the bags I should be checking out first? Frankly, as far as Hermès is concerned, there is no such thing as small when it comes to its prices, but there are entry-level bags one can check out if the spirit is willing but the wallet, well, a tad weaker, for now anyway.

Take, for example, the Hermès Garden Party, an icon in her own right that comes in both twill canvas and leather variations. It’s also available in 3 distinct sizes, Small,Medium and Large, with today’s focus on the smallest one. Measuring some 30 cm across (which explains why it’s also called the Garden Party30) by 22 cm, this particular one sells for USD2175 (which is just under SGD3000 after conversion), the good part is that you can easily dress it up. I’ve seen Garden Party bags with Twillyscarves and leather Petit H charms hanging from the handles.

The bad? There isn’t a zip that runs across the top, and worse still, it can only be hand-held, given the height of its rather short top handles. Still, it’s a pretty cute bag and one that’s pretty hardwearing too, given the kind of quality bags Hermès makes.

And if size is the issue, you can go up a size to the Medium (that’s around 35 cm across, USD2325), which is also the most common of the 3 sizes I’ve seen. And then there’s the Large (USD2950), which spans 50 cm and one that’s too big even by my own standards.

Still not convinced? Then check out these other two bags from Hermès I consider the good-value-and-will-not-break-bank-yet bags: the Evelyne, as well as the Herbag Zip, both of which come with long enough slings to allow you to either wear it across the body or over the shoulder.

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Gold, S&P 500, or Hermes Birkin?

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What will you do with the money if you win the Powerball tonight? Perhaps you want to know what to do with that end-of-year bonus and tax refund. Purse aficionados considering stashing assets in gold or the S&P 500 might want to think again. It turns out the “safest and least volatile” investment of those three may be in the bag…the Hermes Birkin bag.


Diamond Exotic Birkin, Hermes Paris

As reported in, the Baghunter compared investment returns on gold, the S&P 500, and the Birkin over the last 35 years, and the Birkin was the clear winner.  In that time, the Birkin increased in value more than 500% and has never decreased even in times of recession and economic difficulty. Baghunter says the Birkin averaged annual value increases of 14.2%, significantly higher than either gold or S&P 500.

Baghunter founder Evelyn Fox told “As a whole, the study findings show how stable the ultra-luxury industry has been over the past 35 years when compared to more traditional investment opportunities.”  According to Fox, “There is a difference between luxury and ultra-luxury. While the luxury market suffers during worse economic times the ultra-luxury market is impervious to economic factors that can affect other industries such as high-street retail and stock markets.”

Fox expects this trend to continue in 2016, pointing to the Birkin’s high retail prices and limited availability along with a strong secondary market from resellers.

FullSizeRender 13

Do you consider your Birkins (or other bags) investments?

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